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Housing Prices Report in Crewe

The pandemic has affected us in ways beyond our imagination. It has tested us physically, financially, mentally, and emotionally. And for sure, we will be seeing a lot of changes in the future. In this report on housing prices in Crewe, you will see how the housing market has fared during the pandemic and also during the recovery period. You can also see how each type of property from a detached to a flat has performed over the last year.

Report on Housing Prices

In the image below, you could see the comparison of housing prices between July 2020 and July 2021. As you can see, the prices have dropped on most properties except on Terraced and Flats. These properties have been selling higher than July 2020 for an additional 52% and 19% respectively.

The following graphs are based off on this article.

Price Comparison between each type of  property
Price Comparison between each type of property

On the line graph below, you can observe that there’s an uptick in flat and terraced properties that have been observed at the beginning of June 2021. While there is a downward trend seen for detached properties starting April 2021. Semi-detached properties also have a downward trend starting last June of 2021.

Average Property Selling Prices in Crewe
Linear Graph showing changes in Property Prices

On this graph, you can see that the number of properties sold in Crewe of any type decreased from May to July.

Number of Properties sold in Crewe
Bar graph showing the properties sold in Crewe from July 2020 to July 2021

Why sell your property now?

So, based on this housing report prices, if you are planning to sell your house or property in Crewe now is the right time. Detached and semi-detached hoses may be selling lower but it’s not too low. And if there are a few supplies on the houses being sold, you can price them more competitively. Thus, the law of supply and demand. We can also help you sell it. Even if it’s a flat, terraced property, detached or semi-detached, we have the experience of selling these types of property. Fill up the form below or go to our contact page to connect with us.

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